SG!Goldbug with SG!Laserbeak.
It makes sence in our AU.

I sketched this, like, two years ago.

I recently watched Armada and noticed that Sparkplug was creepy as hell.

You just don’t mess with boss. 

Аноним asked:
How you go about colour is really awesome, like holy bejeezus it's so nice

Stop it, you are making me blush!

I miss his horns, but DEM WINGS.

Goldbug!Bumblebee is so freaking adorable I swear to God.

Commission. They ordered me to draw any alien I can imagine, so I tried my best! 

Russian site for artists opened a humanization mob, so here it is. 


"But of course".

An illustration to my friends’s fic on All Out Big Bang.

I was just drawing Carly but then a wild Ironhide’s crotch appeared.

ohh mygod your art is so super cool!! and i love your coloring style! (s-sorry for random message but ahh so nice)

Beautiful textures!!

woww your style is so fresh and beautiful and i love it aslkhk;gj

Oooh your art is really beautiful ;n; and inspiring ahhh <3

im in love with your art style wow

Your art style is really cute!

Oh my gosh, thank you all!

I recently watched like three whole seasons of Transformers: Animated.